rima imad fadlallah, vibe capitalist and founder of #roadtorima and #theroadto_ brand.

rima imad fadlallah, vibe capitalist and founder of #roadtorima and #theroadto_ brand.

About #roadtorima & the #Roadto_ Brand

welcome to the #roadto_ brand, where vibes meet vision.

it all started in june 2016, when i coined "#roadtooctober" to support my fitness and health journey before my birthday in october. i wanted to be in the best shape of my life before i turned 24, and I had no idea that this catch phrase would turn into a self-love movement in the making. 

while i was able to accomplish my health/fitness goals (& numerous other milestones using the #roadto_ trend), i soon realized that the journey excited me even more than the destination itself. that the good vibes i kept along the way, were as vital as the vision i had. I learned so much about myself, my resilience and relentlessness. During one of the hardest years of my life, #roadto_ was what helped me get through those tough times.

I want you to learn about yourself too. I want the brand to do for you even more than it has already done for me. on this site, you will have access to my most personal reflections through my #roadtorima blog, you will get inspired by my monthly #roadto_ trailblazers.

later this year, you will be able to fill your cart and look the part with VIBewear merchandise, and tune into my youtube channel, the reel with rima.

and finally, this site and movement are evolving just like you and i are.

can you keep up? 

only love,