I am by no means a health/fitness expert. I am just a person who has tried these products and happened to really like them. I can promise you none of these companies are paying me to endorse them (they really should!), I just want to see you win! 

I will be posting more risources to this page gradually.






myfitnesspal is a health/fitness tracker that enables you to input some personal information (including weight goals) and will then generate your daily caloric allowance. it has become extremely user friendly, with a vast database of food types down to the brand, making it easy for you to accurately track your intake. when i first started using myfitnesspal, i was so surprised at how misinformed i was about the calories i was consuming. in just 2 months, myfitnesspal helped me lose 10 lbs.  if used consistently and accurately, myfitnesspal will undoubtedly help you attain your goal weight. 



$22; 24 oz. minimum

I'm obsessed with my matte black starbucks tumbler. before you call me basic, understand that my tumbler is the only water bottle i've had that somehow gets me to drink 100 oz. of water per day. i take it with me everywhere. the days when i forget it at home, it is so much harder for me to remember to keep drinking water. get a water bottle that you like and that you will take everywhere with you. i recommend that it can fill at least 24 oz. of water, so that you only have to fill it 3-4 times throughout the day. water maintains and helps you achieve a healthy weight, it keeps your skin clear and moisturized, and it boosts your immune system. stay hydrated!




i don't know about you, but i like compartments when i'm meal prepping. it helps me keep track of measurements when i'm prepping, and it prevents the foods from spilling over. these containers are cheap, bpa free, convenient and obviously reusable. they also come with really cute sporks. you would just want to make sure that you have a lunchbox that can fit these containers.