planning and accessories

I am by no means a PLanning expert. I am just a person who has tried these products and happened to really like them. I can promise you none of these companies are paying me to endorse them (they really should!), I just want to see you win! 

I will be posting more risources to this page gradually.






my passion planner is my best friend. it has helped me look at my life through a completely different perspective, through rose-colored glasses if you will. it's obviously like any other planner in that it enables you to plan ahead with both a day-to-day template and a monthly calendar template. but, it's different from any planner i've had in the past (and i'm a planner connoisseur) because it ensures that with the inevitable hustle and bustle of our daily lives, we never lose sight of our gratitude, passion and greater purpose. some of my favorite features are the planner's "not-to-do-list," "good things that happened today" and its monthly reflection questions. did i mention that it's the prettiest planner i've ever had?



my pencil case makes me so happy! i also love working with the easy shop that makes these. i've gifted about 15 of these to other people, and the owners are always so pleasant and responsive. they also package the pouches in such a pretty way! the quality of the pouch itself is great, and it gives you the option to customize the size, choose between white/black font, and pick the color of the keychain. i'm easily able to fit 30 pens into my pouch. 




my whole life is color-coded. it also makes me happy. these pens pair especially well with the passion planner. they are fine enough to draw and write in really small print without seeping through. they write similarly to the sharpie pens, but the sharpie pens seep through my planner's pages (or any pages, really). these are also the most affordable for their quality. they come in awesome colors; my favorite is the tropical line. lastly, these pens last really long; i've been using my same batch for over 6 months!