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Naa-Shorme Aidoo: #roadtoempowerment

get to know Naa-Shorme, the enlightening educator, writer, blogger and all around wonderwoman through her #roadtoempowerment. in Naa-Shorme's words, she doesn't experience roadblocks, they experience her! walk away with great book recommendations and healthy habits towards a better you.

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Ahmad A. Nassar: #roadtocreatingmyownmarket

read to learn about social entrepreneur Ahmad Nassar's vision in starting Detroit 75 Kitchen and his #roadtocreatingmyownmarket. Ahmad shares his captivating story, mouthwatering images of some menu items, and a plethora of resources to use on your own journey.  

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Farah Saleh: #roadto26.2

get energized by our #roadto_ trailblazer, Farah Saleh, as she walks us through her #roadto26.2! Farah ran the Detroit Free Press marathon last month (and hundreds of miles in preparation for it!). Whether you are training for a marathon, or trying to accomplish your next big goal, Farah's lifelong lessons and invaluable resources will help you every step of the way.  

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