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Candace Jackson: #roadtoeverlastinglife

Candace candidly catalogues her #roadtoeverlastinglife, explaining how her greatest heartbreak led her to a life of greater happiness, faith and overall purpose. Candace is a poet, a vlogger, a wife, a mother and an all around great spirit who has plenty of moving reflections to share. You will be seeing more of her very soon.

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Damola Ogundipe: #roadtoimpact

venture on the #roadtoimpact with social entrepreneur and CEO of Civic Eagle, Damola Ogundipe. Damola urges us to leverage the world wide web and social media as learning and networking opportunities in themselves. He also discusses the highlights of his journey towards becoming a change agent in the worlds of business, politics and in society at large! 

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Baraa El Sabbagh: #roadtoastressfreelife

this week's trailblazer is self-developer Baraa El Sabbagh, who takes us along her #roadtoastressfreelife. Baraa tells us about her journey managing stress and emotions in a way that supports a happier and healthier lifestyle. Her #roadtoastressfreelife offers invaluable resources and strategies to promote mental health and positivity! 

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