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Nadeen Alaouie: #roadtorevolution

Nadeen begins her #roadtorevolution by first taking us through her history as an East-Dearborn raised Arab Muslim woman. This trailblazer shares invaluable advice on facing our fears head on, working through intense identity crises and learning to prioritize our personal development. Be sure to get connected with this striking sister and see what she's stirring up in the Metro-Detroit area! 

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Annice Fisher: #roadtofreedom

Dr. Annice Fisher takes us along her #roadtofreedom and provides us with a plethora of resources to help us free our minds, bodies, and spirits. Some highlights on this freedom fighter's journey include becoming an entrepreneur, graduating with her Doctorate from Harvard and liberating herself physically, mentally and spiritually. Read more to learn about what's next for Annice and her #roadtofreedom!

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Candace Jackson: #roadtoeverlastinglife

Candace candidly catalogues her #roadtoeverlastinglife, explaining how her greatest heartbreak led her to a life of greater happiness, faith and overall purpose. Candace is a poet, a vlogger, a wife, a mother and an all around great spirit who has plenty of moving reflections to share. You will be seeing more of her very soon.

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