Grief Lessons III: What Really Happens When We Peel Off the Band-Aid

grief comes in many forms, but in all its forms, it’s a difficult thing to deal with. read my third edition of my “grief lessons” series and learn how to better empathize with anyone dealing with loss.

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Giving Our Men Permission to Cry

men need our permission to cry. yes even in this patriarchal society - especially in this patriarchal society. in the midst of a community that convinces our men that they need to be invincible, i share several stories of men who have redefined their masculinity in such beautiful, powerful ways.

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Redefining the Phrase "Strong Woman"

so many of us identify as “strong women,” but what does this phrase mean to us? for many of us, our personal definitions of strength do not coincide with mainstream images of “strong women,” and it’s about time we determine what strength looks like for each of us.

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