25 Things I'm Excited to Bring Into "25"

I turned 25 today! Happy birthday to Ri! 

My 24th year was filled with growth, pain, and, well, growing pains. still, I can't say I would have had it any other way.

In the last 7 months, my father transitioned from this world unexpectedly, and my grandma passed away shortly after. Needless to say, spending today without two of the most important people in my life could've been heart-wrenching. But if grief has taught me anything, it's that I have so much to be grateful for, so many reasons to keep going. and that's exactly what this blog is about: "Rilentless risiliency." yes, my ri-words will definitely get on your nerves, but you will love them!

sound familiar? 

In true #roadtorima fashion, I've listed the 25 accomplishments or milestones that I'm really proud to continue in my 25th year:

  1. found god and learned to trust my intuition, especially when making the most important decisions

  2. committed to a consistent and effective exercise regimen for over 17 months now, finally invested in strength and progress and not in weight loss
  3. started #roadtorima, my personal journey of self-discovery and betterment
  4. learned to love my fresh face; stopped wearing makeup for over 4 months and counting
  5. moved away from home, only to find my way back - figuratively and literally
  6. traveled to 17 different states and 15 countries, 11 of those in 2017 alone. 
  7. started meal prepping and packing lunches to support my overall health and wellness
  8. launched this site, started to register my brand and developed a movement in the making
  9. learned to drop everything and love those around me, regardless. regardless
  10. built strong relationships with over 300 students who have become my motivation to be a change agent in education
  11. designed an effective and culturally responsive high school english curriculum from scratch and became one of four nationally recognized educators in my second year teaching
  12. went on two "mind, body, soul" cleanses in one year
  13. learned to find solace in my solitude ("Ri-time") & protect my space from toxicity
  14. started writing letters to Baba, feeling even closer to him than ever before
  15. cleaned out my closet and donated over $3,000 in clothes and accessories
  16. stopped shopping for anything other than basic necessities
  17. learned how to use adobe illustrator, designed my own logos and apparel 
  18. practiced gratitude every day for the past 127 days by writing down at least one good thing that happened that day
  19. learning to actually like math thanks to my GMAT Quant tutor
  20. joined my first book club with high school girls and formed a family book club with my siblings and mommy
  21. printed several garments of clothing for the #roadto_ brand (shop launching in 2018)
  22. became a passion planner poster-child: learned to effectively plan short and long term events, keeping my purpose and passion top of mind
  23. grew 130 points on the GMAT exam (and counting) in only two months 
  24. took a leap of faith and decided to resign from my job to focus on #roadtorima and the #roadto_ brand
  25. consistently employ the power of positivity and the law of attraction

some of these milestones, to you, may seem more notable than others. but to me, each accomplishment is a pivotal part of this wonderful journey i'm on. i'm so proud of myself for turning my grief into gratitude, and i'm so humbled by the love, support & encouragement i've received along the way.

this is only the beginning of the #roadtorima journey. 

can you keep up?  

only love,