#TBT: 9 Things I Do On Cloud 9


in all seriousness though, I am the happiest I've ever been, hamdillah. Want to know how?

Let me tell you:


1- Ri-Time

This is my lame/catchy (you pick) phrase to describe my "me-time." I write about being alone a lot, because it really has changed my life. It all started one day when I intentionally spent the whole day by myself and I realized at the end of the day that I had SO much fun! I do this most days now, and I honestly prefer it. being able to create my own joy has been so empowering and freeing, and i wish this level of joy on everyone. 


pick a day each week and spend it alone. do all the things you love and keep note of how you feel at the end of it.

2- Cleanses 

I cleanse everything. I cleanse my body; I cleanse my living spaces; I cleanse the people in my life; I cleanse my social media accounts - you name it. It makes my body, heart, soul and mind just feel lighter. It makes me respect those things so much more. And well, it makes me happier. i truly believe we are more at peace and we are more sharp when our spaces, bodies, etc. are clear and minimalistic. Cleanse often. 


go on a one-day cleanse of some sorts. juice cleanse, clean out your entire closet, clear out your contacts or followers, etc.

3- Choosing Love

In every single interaction, I try my best to think of what the most "loving" thing to do would be. Even when I'm angry and have every right to be. I stop and think: "how can I act out of love instead of out of [insert negative emotion]. this has been so challenging but i never, ever regret acting out of love. This has tremendously transformed the way I feel, as well as the way others feel in my presence. i can literally feel people showing up as their most loving selves with me because they remember how i made them feel. 


in at least one interaction per day, intentionally choose love over whatever negative emotion you're feeling. 

4- Travel

I was able to travel every month for over a year now. I'm still traveling! It has been so liberating to feel unattached to the usual swing of things. I learn so much about myself by immersing myself in unfamiliar environments. Traveling, even just occasionally, even if it's just a day out of town, makes me feel like I grew wings and can fly freely. one day i will book a one-way ticket and just let myself stay somewhere, not knowing when i'll return home. 


Try to arrange a travel once every few months so you have something to look forward to, even if it's just a quick road trip! 

5- Forgiveness

Forgive and forget about the people and things that have hurt you. I am still working on this one every day, but I have already forgiven and forgotten about the emotional remnants I've dealt with from so many situations. Most of all, I've learned to forgive myself, and it's the best thing I've done. Forgiveness gives you the permission to let go of the baggage weighing you down. i've made strides since i've learned to let go. 


pick one thing from your past that you haven't forgiven and commit to forgiving (and forgetting) this week. 

6- Hobbies

Find a hobby! I love volleyball. I play pretty much every Thursday. It reminds me of my most passionate, most fun-loving self, and I legit feel like a kid again. i once wrote an entire love letter to this sport lol. I have a few other hobbies, obviously including this blog, and I realize that staying connected to my hobbies goes a long way in keeping joy around. it reminds me of the several different identities that i will always hold, and it keeps me motivated to stay youthful.


List out your hobbies! Try to engage in one of them at least twice a month and monitor how you feel in that time.  

7- Community

I have recently become more connected to my community. I have been pretty disconnected since I left for college almost 8 years ago, but I realize that I am extra happy today because I feel most connected to Dearborn and the people of my community. there is just a different kind of peace and joy that i get from the people i call home, and i realized how much i needed my community after i began engaging with it again. I have big plans to continue this commitment, and I know I wouldn't feel as fulfilled otherwise.  


Find small ways to get involved with your community this month by attending events or inviting old friends over. 

8- Self-Care

I take myself out. I get massages. I love putting face masks on, staying in and watching movies or pretty much doing whatever it is I feel I need. You are most in tune with yourself and your emotions, so why depend on someone else to give you what you need? I give myself what I need all the time, and this is called self-care. i know what i'm worth, so i know i need to constantly treat myself accordingly. I am happy because I always take care of myself.


Take care of yourself this week by treating yourself to something you don't normally allow yourself to do.

9- Practicing Presence

I have been a more present and thereby more grateful version of myself. Presence has made me feel closer to God, closer to myself, closer to my father, and therefore, closer to the people I love most. Being more present was my 2018 resolution, and I can say that my year has started off on such a positive note because of this. i pray often now, i read often, i sit and simply get lost in my thoughts, and i'm only getting better because of it. 


spend 30 minutes unplugged this week. focus on your breath and on feeling connected to something greater than you. 


happiness isn't a destination, it's a mindset. i had to first decide that I wanted to be happy before any of the 9 things above could work for me. I want you to understand that, oftentimes, we are our biggest hindrance because we assume we'll get to happiness like we can't just decide to do it right now. you can make that decision today and commit to maintaining that mindset. these 9 practices simply enabled me to feel closer to myself, to god and to the people and things i love most. they're very low maintenance and oftentimes don't require anyone else. TRY ONE TODAY AND LET ME KNOW HOW IT GOES!


only love,







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