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DailyRi 009: Honoring My Introverted Side While In School

contrary to popular belief, i am not an extravert. i am actually equally extraverted & introverted, making me an ambivert. i didn’t understand or accept this about myself until recently, & i’m so glad i was able to listen to what my spirit needs before starting school.

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DailyRi 008: How the Grinch Taught Me Empathy & Accountability

what does empathy mean to you? to me, empathy is unconditional love & accountability, & mastering this balance has been the reason i’ve been able to build such strong relationships with people. read more to see what we can all learn about our [least] favorite childhood characters.

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Grief Lessons III: What Really Happens When We Peel Off the Band-Aid

grief comes in many forms, but in all its forms, it’s a difficult thing to deal with. read my third edition of my “grief lessons” series and learn how to better empathize with anyone dealing with loss.

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