DailyRi 012: How I’m Not Dealing With Stress While In School



i know that sounds super insensitive for those who often deal with stress, but let me explain.

i am rarely stressed out, & that’s not by coincidence. some of us are more neurotic than others, but i know i could be way more stressed out if i wasn’t so preventative about it. i literally nip my stress at the bud; that’s what i mean by “i don’t deal with it.” i avoid environments with high levels of stress because i am easily impacted by other people’s energies or attitudes, i check out of a conversation as soon as people’s stress levels are getting too high, & if i feel myself getting overwhelmed, i remind myself that stress & anxiety are just my mind’s way of trying to control a situation that i feel i’m losing control of. stress does nothing productive, hard work, self awareness & self care do, though.

& that’s all i’ll be feeding my energy to.

these intentions were pretty easy to manage last year after i quit my job & took some time off. i was free to decide who i was around, i traveled every month, & i barely did things that i didn’t want to do. sounds nice right? but i knew i couldn’t live that blissfully once school started. don’t get me wrong, i was super excited to start my mba, but i just knew i would do things a little differently…well, because, i’m different. i always have been.

i am getting ready to start my second semester at ross tomorrow. okay i lied. i’m starting on tuesday because i’m still in dubai living my best life. either way, second semester is around the corner, & i’ve been reflecting a lot about how i want to level up.


there is so much pressure around me to land the best internship that will hopefully lead to a full time job, to do well in classes, to network at corporate events & coffee chats, to lead an organization, to be social & go on trips with new business school friends, the list truly goes on. add fomo to the mix, & it feels like there is not enough time in a day. i get it. i completely respect & understand that most students went to business school to do some variation of the above, but most of these things don’t interest me at all. & while it can get pretty lonely at times, i don’t mind being lonely. lonely makes sense when what i want out of this experience looks totally different than most. i reminded myself of that almost every day last semester.

on the way to this 3-week dubai trip to visit family (which has been nothing short of awesome, & therapeutic), i had a 13-hour layover in toronto (don’t ask. it was kinda fun tho tbh). anyway, what does a girl like me do on a 13 hour layover? read, write, create content, listen to podcasts, and nap for an hour in the middle of a restaurant. towards the end of my layover, i started to think a lot about what i wanted 2019 to be for me. this year is going to be amazing, & i knew i needed to get more serious about channeling my energies so i can capitalize on all the blessings i’ve been showered with. i was super proud of myself last semester for doing the bare minimum i needed to pass my classes, as it helped me channel my energies into those things i care most about: the scholarship fund, working with young people, continuing to connect with & serve dearborn, & now, documenting my journey.

now that my “trial semester” is over, i wanted to walk into this one being more intentional. i made a long list of all my obligations, all of the extracurriculars i was involved in, all of the ideas i had for this year. i went through every single bullet, & asked myself: “does this help you get to where you want to be?” or “does this align with your purpose?” if the answers were no, i immediately crossed that item off, or if it was an obligation like a class, decided i would do the bare minimum required to stay in school. if the answer was maybe, i would mark the item as “save for later,” &, of course, the 3-4 things that i answered “yes” to, i know will be my main focuses this semester.

i feel good about this next quarter now that I’ve planned to channel my energies towards those things i love most.


only love,





Inspired by Gary Vaynerchuck’s DailyVees, DailyRi is my daily commitment to documenting my #roadtorima, in shorter form riflections, 1) because writing makes me happy, and 2) i’ve become obsessed with walking in my purpose & drafting a story that I can be proud of.