#TBT: How I Transformed My Body ft. the beRiLENTLESS Workout Plan


(my legs are sore af)


I made the gym my second home in 2017, so it felt great to be back home after three weeks of no gym-time. three weeks! definitely an interesting way to start my new year, but I was able to keep my health (and body) consistent during my time off. the old ri would have freaked out and FALLEN INTO one of my vicious cycles of weight gain, feelings of guilt, shame and anxiety, and decreased motivation to maintain a healthy (read: happy) lifestyle. 


& i'm not the better one because I look better, I'm the better one because I was able to get to the root of my body image issues in 2017. issues that i struggled with from early adolescence onward. I was only able to transform my body and lifestyle after i transformed my mindset. and boy did that mindset shift go a long way. during a year riddled in inconsistency, tragedy, adventure & uncertainty, my health was one of few constants. think i'm exaggerating? Let's take a quick run-through of 2017's events:

i traveled on 20 different occasions, including 11 different u.s. cities and 3 countriesended a 3 and a half year long situationshipfather passed away; moved back home and got rid of half of my closet, grandmother passed away; DECIDED I WANTED TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL; quit my jobbegan studying for the GMAT and applying to mba programsstarted #roadtorima and the #roadto_ brand; closed  out the year with a first-ever (34 person) Fadlallah family reunion

ANYWAY. I say all of this to say that ish happens. great and not so great things will always happen. FOOD WILL ALWays be everywhere. there will always be "something else" you can be doing instead of your workout. inconsistency in itself is a consistency, but i'm here as an example that, despite those inconsistencies, it is very possible to maintain a consistent and healthy lifestyle. 


choosing healthy has allowed me to fully enjoy the great moments + make the not-so-great moments significantly less stressful.


my first "be rilentless" tee. I loved working out in this shirt because it reminded me to keep going. I'll be selling the new and improved version of these shirts this year.  ⚡ stay tuned!

my first "be rilentless" tee. I loved working out in this shirt because it reminded me to keep going. I'll be selling the new and improved version of these shirts this year. ⚡ stay tuned!

It is HARD work.

And that's why this post is more than just "the be rilentless workout plan." I'm always happy to share any helpful resources, but sending you a workout plan without explaining what has truly led to my transformation would be misleading to say the least. That said, I feel morally responsible for addressing these three urgent points before getting into my workouts:

  1. Many people who are trying to achieve their "body goals" have not addressed the root of their body image issues. Without addressing this root, these people will never truly be happy with their bodies, even if they achieve their target weight. If you have not already, please read my post earlier this year on "5 Gamechangers to a stronger, healthier and happier you" before moving on. other resources are included in the plan as well. 
  2. This was my 2017 workout plan because I had fun doing it. We all like different things. If you try it and you dread it, you should definitely modify it. Why? Because regardless how good it might seem, if it doesn't get you moving, it's pointless. a lot more on this included in the workout plan itself.
  3. Diet is 80% of the equation. I transformed my body because of my diet and I toned up and burned more fat because of my workouts. I would not have achieved these goals without eating cleaner. Period. i don't include any diet info, but I do include a few resources in the plan to get you started. 

Being Rilentless means understanding these things. It isn't about getting on the treadmill or lifting those dumbbells. it's about mastering the mindset that will get you through the hardest days. it's about getting past temptation or working through the pain. I was successful because I was rilentless.  

Now that we got that out of the way, time to roll out 

THE be R⚡️lentless workout plan

I am so excited to finally share this with you all. Just click the link above to access the google doc. i welcome and encourage any questions, feedback or comments. comment below, directly on the doc, or message me personally. 


only love,




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