#TBT: 5 Lessons I Learned Being on Ross' Waitlist



ROSS HAS BEEN THE PROGRAM OF MY DREAMS SINCE I WAS 18. Here I am, nearly eight years later, living the life of my dreams. 

But the process has been far from easy. Late last year, I wrote my #roadtobschool post, and while I can happily say I got here, I must have re-routed several times along the way. As I always say with these kinds of things, the lessons along the journey are often more gratifying than reaching the destination itself, and that couldn't hold more true for this phase of my life.


1- Prayer Works

take this from the girl who never felt good enough for god. I am at a point now where I legit am scared to specifically ask for something because of how directly God has been answering my prayers. I prayed for clarity so many times along this journey and clarity was what I got. when my father first passed away, I had this random dream that my dad texted me a picture of hundreds of iguanas on a hill. I woke up and immediately looked up the symbolism of an iguana and found that it meant perseverance and hardiness through tough times. I found out I was waitlisted when I was blogging at a coffee shop in Miami. two minutes later, I see the baristas crowded around the window taking a picture of a huge iguana chilling outside of the coffee shop. I knew immediately that the iguana was my sign, and I'm so grateful for these reminders that god is with me every step of the way.

2- What's OURS is OURS


I am actually happy I was waitlisted before getting admitted. I'm so serious. My time spent in limbo made me realize that I have finally reached a point where I am committed to God's purpose for me, even and especially when things don't go the way I want them to. There are so many humbling opportunities when our plan doesn't align with what God has planned for us. had I been admitted right away, I would not have the taste of "failure" that I needed to make me realize that I am truly committed to the journey that has been written for me. as badly as I've wanted to go to ross, as hard as I've worked for this, and as hard as I was willing to work while in the "limbo" phase, being waitlisted forced me to question whether this is what god wants for me or not.

3- Let Go and Let God


during my month and a half waitlisted, I was doing all I could to be admitted. but like I said, if it wasn't right, I was willing to accept that it simply wasn't right. Seriously. I wasn't going to feel bad about myself. I wasn't going to feel like a failure or a reject. you see when we learn to see ourselves as people who are chosen to live  out our unique purpose, "rejection" is never rejection, it's more like process of elimination. I've learned that it's never personal and it's always purposeful. When I look back on the journey that got me here, I know God's guidance is so evident; who would I be to question the reliability of that as I move forward?

4- Get up 10


I learned that when I truly want something, I keep getting up regardless how many times I'm kicked to the ground. In my girl card's words: knocked down nine times but I get up ten. I was ready to take my GMAT for the fourth time if it meant getting into Ross, and I'm blessed to have these reminders of how hard I'm willing to work for the things I want. I think this level of commitment and resilience balances with #2 and #3 because it helps me accept whatever outcome, knowing I did everything in my power to make it happen. it reminds me that as hard as I try, my plan and power pale in comparison to god's. I will continue to "get up 10" and leave it up to god to guide me forward.

5- Nobody is an Imposter in God's eyes


This is a huge one for me. I have been struggling to work through the imposter syndrome my whole life. This year truly revealed to me how deeply affected I have been by this toxicity and lack of self-worth. I just knew I could not start my MBA without getting rid of this insecurity, so I prioritized it. Being waitlisted definitely opened a wound at first, but it was such a painfully necessary reminder that I needed those unhealthy thought patterns out of my system. So I started looking at myself through God's eyes, and I realize now that seeking validation from anywhere else is simply an inaccurate depiction of who we truly are. 



I once wrote a post called ___. for people struggling with self-worth issues, fixed mindsets, fear of rejection/failure or other debilitating thought patterns, dreaming could be really hard. I didn't want to live in fear anymore, so I started dreaming. it was really scary honestly. it felt like the higher I dared to fly, the more daunting it felt to look down and think about how hard the fall would be. but I decided I would rather fall hard than never fly a day in my life. this journey taught me that daring to dream is such a beautiful and symbolic reminder of the greatness we deserve. 

7- A chip isn't sustainable


I've had a chip on my shoulder for as long as I can remember. this is so directly and intricately related to the imposter syndrome that I'm not really sure how to separate them. I don't really care to because they both need to go lol. I understand that some people are of the impression that a chip on our shoulder motivates us and I would be lying if I said this wasn't the case for me, but I no longer want it to be my motivating force. I want to be motivated by my purpose, the legacy I would like to leave behind me, and god. I don't see something rooted in negativity sustainable for the kind of life I want to live and the kind of impact I hope to have on people.

I am so excited to start school in September. I am so proud of myself and I feel so blessed to be traversing on this path. 

but more importantly,

i am so happy that i'm starting school after having learned all of these valuable lessons. i know wholeheartedly that my experience at ross will be significantly more fruitful given my strengthened spirit and relationship with god. i hope and pray that you can view whatever set-back as an OPPORTUNITY to step back and reflect. i hope that you, too, can view a "rejection" as a reevaluation of your purpose and what god wants for you.


only love,