3 of Ri's Most Cherished Keys to Success


One thing I've always been great at is leveraging resources to help me learn and grow. before I started teaching in 2014, my supervisor called me the "Queen of Resources" because I spent the whole summer reading books, setting up coffee chats with educators and observing as many classrooms as possible. I know that a large part of my success and achievement is because of my maximizer tendencies, and I want to help you maximize your successes too. 

As you may know, I have been working on my RiSources page, which will go live this Monday! On this page, you will have access to my personal keys to success, from personal development, to organizational tools, to health and fitness. in anticipation for all the greatness that is to come this monday, I thought I would give you a little teaser. Below are three RiSources that have been revolutionary on my #roadtorima. Enjoy!



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I'm obsessed with my passion planner. if you know me, you know I can be dramatic, but THIS TIME, I'm serious - this planner helped me look at my life through a completely different perspective, through rose-colored glasses if you will. it's obviously like any other planner in that it enables you to plan ahead with both a day-to-day template and a monthly calendar template. but, it's different from any planner i've had in the past (and i'm a planner connoisseur) because it ensures that with the inevitable hustle and bustle of our daily lives, we never lose sight of our gratitude, passion and greater purpose. some of my favorite features are the planner's "not-to-do-list," "good things that happened today" and its monthly reflection questions. did i mention that it's the prettiest planner i've ever had? 

⚡️ If you're worried that we're already nearing 2018, Don't! the passion planner Also comes in undated options For Your Convenience. I started mine in july! ⚡️

all of my favorite things at my favorite place!

all of my favorite things at my favorite place!


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I took the strengthsfinder 2.0 assessment for the first time during my senior year of college, and my immediate reflection was "i wish i had done this a long time ago!" this assessment and my results singlehandedly helped me take a strengths-based approach to planning my life and envisioning my future. my top strengths were "futuristic" and "restorative:" it was upon reflecting on those strengths that I first began to envision myself as a problem solver, aspiring entrepreneur and change agent in education. prior to taking this assessment, I had been so accustomed to thinking about my weaknesses/growth areas; at the time, I probably couldn't even tell you what my strengths were. leveraging my strengths has enabled me to be a better woman, leader and agent of change. i highly recommend this experience to anyone, regardless of your age, profession or ambitions.

⚡️ When you take the assessment, comment below with your 5 strengths! ⚡️


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anyone who knows me knows i love coffee shops - i'm sitting in one right now! while this may not seem like a resource, when I need to optimize productivity and work quality, i'm very selective about the environment that I choose to be in. with that being said, i truly fell in love with new order coffee on woodward in detroit. from the staff to the coffee to the natural light and overall aesthetic, this place is easily one of the reasons i've been able to spend long hours studying with no problem. i've taken two full GMAT practice tests there; I've written over half of my blog posts there; i met some really awesome people including their staff; i drank some really cool drinks (like the captain crunch latte or m&m hot chocolate). anybody looking for a place to get a lot of work done, enjoy some great coffee or meet with friends should give this new gem a try. like & follow them on facebook & instagram!


⚡️ I Promise THEY'RE NOT PAYING ME FOR THIS SHOUTOUT; I JUST LOVE THEM SO MUCH. If you're ever looking for me, come find me there! ⚡️

As i mentioned, these three Risources are teasers for the RiSources page that I'll be launching This monday. I'll be working diligently this weekend to put these together, but i am always open to your recommendations. if there are particular resources you would like to see, comment below letting me know, and i'll try my best to find you what you need. i'm so excited to help you be Risourceful!

only love,