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#TBT: Why Our Old Issues Resurface in New Ways

many of us claim to know who we are, but do we know who we are NOT? it turns out, many of our old issues will continue to resurface in new, tricky ways if we don't get to the bottom of this question. learn about how i am waging war against who i'm not to achieve a more authentic and powerful version of me.

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Exhale, Self-Doubt: New Year, Better Ri

I have a little girl named Self Doubt who lives inside of me. I used to try to chase her down, but I've learned to love her rather than fight her. Learn about how I've changed my relationship to self-doubt through a short poem and love letter from my Self-Love to my Self-Doubt. 

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#TBT: 16 Things I've Learned Since Building My Brand

my site has been live for exactly one month! HAPPY ANNIVERSARi! in this post, I detail the 16 things I've learned since launching the #roadto_ brand on october 16th. I want to inspire and encourage anyone who is building a brand of their own. 

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