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DailyRi 003: Entitled to Nothing; Attached to Very Little; Grateful for it All

i realized that i had found contentment at a relatively young age, during a relatively turbulent period in my life. i wondered why and how happiness remained constant while almost all other factors in my life were unstable. my answer?


i’m grateful for everything. the highs, the lows, the unknowns, the tears, the tests. i’m grateful because deep down inside, i’ve always understood that this life owes me absolutely nothing.

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#TBT: Grief Lessons II: Unthinkable (I'm Ready)

this grief lessons post is a continuation of my original post in October. while the original was instrumental in helping me cope with my grief, you’ll find that these five lessons are more lighthearted and hopeful. I hope they can speak to anyone dealing with hardship of their own.

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#TBT: Letters to My Husband

I have a secret: I have known my husband since September 2nd, 2013 and I have been writing letters to him ever since. Nobody has read them yet (not even him), but today, I am ready to share with you a couple excerpts of these letters, followed by a heartfelt explanation of why I write.

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