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The Hopeful Romantic: 3 Reasons to Keep Your Hopes Up

Introducing the Hopeful Romantic! I get my hopes up every day. It turns out, a lot of us do. What I've learned through my conversations with others though is that most dreamers are actively trying to bring themselves back down to earth. Here are my three reasons why we should get our hopes up...and keep them there.

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#TBT: Letters to My Husband

I have a secret: I have known my husband since September 2nd, 2013 and I have been writing letters to him ever since. Nobody has read them yet (not even him), but today, I am ready to share with you a couple excerpts of these letters, followed by a heartfelt explanation of why I write.

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I Can Only Be Ri: 20 Ways to Be Free

i did parts of my life out of order. i found myself first, only to run far away before i finally returned. god allowed me to come back home in time for my father to find a new home in heaven. in this post, i discuss the 20 ways i've decided to be free (or be "Ri) along this #roadtorima. 

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