The ThRi Day Cleanse ft. #HHU21DAYS



to treat with a regimen intended to remove impurities and promote health; purify; free; clear



the power of thri

this year, i've been on two three-day cleanses, what i called my thRi day cl3anse, and tomorrow, I will be starting my third cleanse of 2017, which will actually kick off my first 21-day challenge with the amazing healthy happy us (more on that challenge soon). 

but first, the cleanse: to the right, you can check out the "thri day cl3anse" i completed. it operates on what I like to call "the power of thRi," three days, three domains: mind, body & soul. people hear the word "cleanse" and typically think about the physical benefits they'll get. i include the definition above as a reminder of the holistic health benefits a cleanse is meant to promote.

interestingly enough, on my last two cleanses, i found that the spiritual and mental discipline required to engage with and elicit strictly positive energy, "self talk," and media was actually more difficult than juicing. but, as with most challenging things, those elements were also the most rewarding.

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1. a cleanse is strictly a physical practice, meant to remove toxins from our bodies.


a cleanse is meant to purify your mind & soul right along with your body. while you can choose to strictly focus on the physical benefits you will experience during/post cleanse, why limit yourself?  i cleanse people (no shade, just being honest), material things, social media, habits, you name it! 


2. a three day juice cleanse is a great way for you to lose permanent Weight. you can expect to keep this weight off long after the cleanse.


myths all day. if you are cleansing to lose weight, please reconsider your approach and go read my last post on healthy/fit gamechangers. the weight you lose from a juice cleanse will not be kept off unless you make serious lifestyle changes directly after.  


3. a cleanse is a great way to kickstart a healthy and more positive lifestyle, or detox to continue to promote an already healthy and positive lifestyle. 


yes! you can and should detox your mind, body and soul to kickstart a healthier and more positive lifestyle. keep in mind that the majority of the work will be in maintaining good habits well after your three days. 


4. a cleanse can be a way to self-evaluate and build habits towards a happier, healthier, stronger and more connected you. 


absolutely. we can always be happier, healthier, stronger and more connected. regardless where you are in your journey, a cleanse can be a great way to check in with ourselves and come up with new goals or ambitions to help us move forward. 


with these myths and facts in mind, this can be a transformative and enlightening lifestyle change if you let it. here is how my last cleanse went:


on a mental level, my cleanse helped me realize how often i think about food as something to do when i'm bored. i'm sure my fellow muslims who participate in ramadan each year know what i'm talking about. restricting myself to juice and juice alone helped take the daily "what am i going to eat, and when am i going to eat it?" question out of the equation. now that i didn't have to think about food, my mind was forced to think more deeply and focus more intently on any task at hand. 


on a physical level, i grew to appreciate my body and all its wonders. i was amazed at its ability to be strong, agile and reactive, despite it not getting what it had been used to getting. i was in awe at how i could still perform my 45 minute slow-burn cardio at the gym. by the third day of juicing, i could not believe how much energy i had. in fact, i couldn't believe how sluggish i became the day after my cleanse after introducing fairly healthy solids back into my diet. cleansing helped me appreciate and feel more connected to my body overall.


on a spiritual level, my cleanse helped me realize how much i needed to practice gratitude continuously, how even a complaint about being tired or wanting to go home could produce negative and unnecessary vibes. it made me cognizant of how often i have the urge to make a self deprecating comment when i really should be self celebratory. most enlightening was the reminder of how pure and powerful i feel when i engage in strictly positive media

it should go without saying that i would recommend a cleanse to anyone who is looking to do it for the right reasons. if you are seriously considering a holistic cleanse and want more information, follow me on instagram to hear more about my thRi-day cleanse this weekend (and my 21-day challenge) and/or comment below with your questions and i'll get back to you. 

only love,