Project 333: Why I'm Repeating Outfits All Month


first day of my challenge was yesterday. it was really hard committing to one of the few pairs of jeans i'd be wearing all month lol, but you choosing my leather jacket was easy!

first day of my challenge was yesterday. it was really hard committing to one of the few pairs of jeans i'd be wearing all month lol, but you choosing my leather jacket was easy!


AND Yes, these 33 items include accessories, shoes, hats, and, for me, they will include gym outfits. Pretty much everything except for underclothes and things i'd wear around the house. For the month of April, I will be participating in a challenge called Project 333, and you can read more about it here.

(The first "3" represents a 3-month commitment, but I'll only be committing to April for now.) 


Well, I like a challenge. A big part of why I'm doing this is grounded in the same reason I was a vegetarian for the month of March and why I'm going Vegan for April (fun facts).

I like to do things I never thought I could do - it's healthy for the mindset. i'm definitely a mindset kind of girl.

But this challenge goes a little deeper than just "fun." I chose to do this because I want to be the version of myself that tomorrow requires. Let me explain: the old version of me used to say things like "I never repeat outfits," "Omg no I can't go there - last time i was there, I was wearing this outfit," "i need that sweater; it matches my red nikes so perfectly. i would be crazy not to buy it."  You know, the type of girl who would dress for pictures and have 12 different pairs of kicks for each gym outfit. 

IF THIS SOUNDS LIKE YOU, NO JUDGMENT HERE, BOO. i definitely understand.

i just don't want it to be me anymore. Well, at least not who I'm becoming. these days, I am learning to categorize all things into the "so me" and "not me" categories. I am in a huge transition phase where I am trying to unlearn habits that aren't working for me and relearn/learn behaviors that will help me grow and glow. my preoccupation with image is certainly in the "not me" category; I've written a lot in the past about this preoccupation, and how getting rid of this obsession is something I'm committing to this 2018. It's hard work. Every time I chip away at one thing, I realize how massive this iceberg really is. But i'll keep on resisting, over and over again, until I'm the woman I was sent here to be.

Which brings me to #Project333. Months ago, the word "minimalism" kept coming up in conversation. It seems like everywhere I went, people around me were talking about becoming more minimalistic in their living spaces, with their attire and with their overall lifestyle. Then a friend recommended that I watch the Minimalism documentary on Netflix. I rolled my eyes and reluctantly watched it. It was actually very interesting, but still, I wrote it off as a form of extremism and said I'd never be ready for that kind of simple life.

And while I don't think I'll ever be completely minimalistic (i still pack my whole closet when I go on vacation - maybe that will be my next challenge lol), I do want to develop some minimalistic tendencies. There truly is so much value in understanding that less is more. I remember a woman in the documentary discussing Project 333 and how life-changing it was for her. I thought she was crazy at the time, but she definitely did plant a seed in my mind that would grow into fruition pretty soon.

And so here I am, wearing a super low-maintenance outfit, committing to do this for the month of April. I love looking cute and expressing myself through clothes, but my outfits were starting to define me and not the other way around. I was becoming a typical consumer - consumed in all things material. I don't want to be like that anymore. I want to be consumed in personal development, God, community service, love, you know, the things that really matter to me. i don't take my existence for granted. not for two seconds. sometimes you need to completely clear the clutter to get to the bottom of what your life's purpose truly is.

april will be about authenticity.


I am really interested to see how this month will go. I'm already pretty deep into my #FlawsAndAll challenge, and no makeup has touched my face for over a month now. I am so happy that I forced myself way out of my comfort zone because I truly do love my bare face. It wouldn't have been that way otherwise, because it was far from that way before. I think this #project333 will have a similar impact on my self-concept. I think i'll become closer to the woman I was meant to be and continue to shed habits that are getting in my own way. 

and in case you're wondering, i am not here to convince you to ditch your wardrobe and embark on project 333 with me. if you're ready for that, by all means, you are always more than welcome. I for one definitely wasn't hearing it until now. i hope that my challenges can inspire you to think about who it is you are becoming. i hope they can motivate you to pursue the necessary steps to ensure you are walking in alignment with your greater purpose. we were all put on this planet to uncover our very specific, unique purposes, this blog documents my journey doing exactly that.

i hope that my #roadtorima can encourage you to push yourself outside of your comfort zone, because PURSUING our purpose IS DEFINiTELy NOT COMFORTABLE AT FIRST.


only love,


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