The Truth About Why I Quit My Job



anyone following me on Instagram or snapchat probably watches my stories like....

"does this girl ever go to work?" well, not anymore!

I put my two weeks in on October 13th, and my last day of work was October 27th. 

I worked full time for over three years. upon graduating college, I worked as a high school english teacher in Detroit, teaching and learning from some of the best students in the world. last October, i started my role at the University of Michigan as a GEAR UP program coordinator and Success Coach, preparing students for college and beyond. 

I really enjoyed what I was doing. i'm extremely passionate about education and will continue to pursue careers in education moving forward. I didn't quit because I hated my job or hated my boss. I wasn't stressed out. I liked my co-workers. I liked my work environment. the money was pretty good. I liked the program I was working for. I quit because.....I wanted to be free.

Before I elaborate, I want to call out that I am extremely privileged to have been able to make this transition. I am single, with no children to take care of, I'm not in school (yet), have no student-loans to pay off, I'm living at my parents' house rent-free, and the few expenses i do have are pretty modest. I will probably never be able to say those things in the same sentence again, so i wanted to capitalize on the freedom god has blessed me with and sit at coffee shops all day applying for school while reading good books and pursuing my dreams. 

But anyway, I'm [job] free for now, and I have been thoroughly enjoying my first week of deciding what I'll be doing, when/where I do it, and who I do it with. But the way I see it, with freedom comes great accountability. I've been putting in a lot of work, and I have a lot to show for it. Since putting my two weeks in, here's what I've accomplished:

  • launched this website

  • posted 5 personal blog posts and interviewed and posted 2 trailblazers
  • finalized 7 new designs for the #roadto_ shop (launching in 2018)
  • began registering the trademark for my brand
  • ordered my first dslr camera (review coming soon)
  • completed week 1 of my 21 day fitness challenge
  • finished over half of my business school application essays
  • reached my target score for my GMAT Verbal; approaching my target score for GMAT Quant
  • participated in my first ever lifestyle photoshoot 
  • got my first professional "before" progress pictures taken
  • watched plenty of Netflix movies (my favorite of them was "Southside with You")
  • recorded mind, body and soul goals for november
  • spent more time with family
  • learned to slow down and pay attention to my thoughts


the last accomplishment was truly the reason I wanted to free myself of being on someone else's schedule while I am still able to. 2017 has been an extremely tumultuous year, but it has also been a fast-paced and rewarding year. I am currently on my #roadtoBusinessSchool, and I will start school in fall 2018 (god willing); I do not want to jump from one busy thing to the next busy thing - from work to school - without giving myself the space and time I need to process my past and appreciate the present. 

while i don't know exactly how this journey will unfold, Here's what you can expect from me during my time off:

  • a personal #roadtorima blog post every Monday and Thursday 
  • a #roadto_ trailblazer posted every Friday
  • before/after pictures from my 21-Day fitness challenge
  • occasional instagram "Culunari series" of my meal prep and healthy living endeavors
  • the launch of my vlog channel "The Reel" before 2018
  • live RiSources page before 2018
  • grand opening of the #roadto_ online shop in 2018
  • complete revamping of my bedroom and workspace (that will stay clean all year round lol hi mommy)
  • documented travels to los angeles to visit my brother, Lebanon for my best friend's wedding, and Dubai/Abu Dhabi for our huge fadlallah family reunion
  • new high resolution photos and videos
  • collaborations with fellow bloggers/personalities
  • who knows what else!

as you can see, i chose to be free so that I can continue traversing on this exciting #roadtorima. i have already been so humbled by the support and love i've received upon embarking on this journey, and i hope that you'll stay tuned and hold me accountable along the way.   

only love,