your story as a rose emerging from concrete

Name of the Rose (aka you!)
Name of the Rose (aka you!)
concrete: any circumstance(s), environment(s), mindset(s), people, etc. that may be hindering you from your truth or purpose. just as concrete is infertile grounds for a rose's growth, your concrete is the part of your life that is trying to hold you back from breaking through.
your light, your truth, your overall purpose and source of nourishment. your "why." what do you look forward to? what are you reaching for? what keeps you going? what is your #roadto_, if you will?
cracks are opportunities for breakthroughs or emergence. the cracks invite you to chase your sun, but they will not do the work for you. cracks are merely those things in your life that give you hope and let you see a glimpse of the light you are meant to pursue. what gives you hope? what motivates you? what reassures you that you can breakthrough?
who or what keeps you grounded? think of your roots as the part of your being that want to be nourished because your true identity and purpose rely most heavily on it. as roses in concrete, our roots are not perfect, because they are grounded in infertile ground, but you cannot deny them, because without acknowledging your roots, you will never be a rose.
what keeps you standing tall? what are you most proud of? what helps you reach higher towards the sun? what does your beauty and resiliency as a rose rest on? your stem is the middle ground between your roots and the sun - between your deepest being and your life's purpose - what facilitates that journey for you?
just as thorns protect roses from harm, thorns are those parts of our lives (or selves) that are necessary for self-preservation. with that said, as rose growing from concrete, we are inherently vulnerable and in need of protection from the harsh effects of our environment/concrete. having thorns suggests vulnerability and we must first accept this before we can figure out what our thorns are. what makes you feel unsafe, scared, helpless or even weak? what are you using as a (maybe temporary) defense mechanism from the harsh effects of your concrete?
our thorns will do their best, but they will not protect us from the rough environment from which we are emerging. damaged petals are the bruises and scars that we will endure through this journey. with time and work, we can grow new petals to replace these damaged ones, but damaged petals are a beautiful reminder of our resiliency. what are the remnants of your resiliency? what scars do you wear today? look at these as a part of your journey, and not a source of shame.
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